2022 PARPC 1&2 Grade Boys and Girls Basketball

Information for 2022 Winter Basketball TBA in September 2022

Our PARPC program; working with PASD, will look as follows for this year 2021-22 as we navigate through COVID19 restrictions in the hopes to offer an entire season keeping everyone as safe as possible.


  • Entire season runs mid-January to mid-March *LIMITED AVAILABILITY– 40 spots for boys and 40 spots for girls- So sign up quickly!
  • PRESEASON INFORMATION: Players will participate in four 45 minute pre-season practices starting the week of January 3rd on Mondays and Tuesdays (can vary) for two weeks.  Coach will contact you by December 14th with the schedule for preseason. If you do not hear from a coach by December 14th, please double check your SPAM email, then contact 717-838-9244 or email hhershey@palmyrarec.org
  • COACHES: Instructions for season and team information will be emailed to you by December 9th with a link for instructions on UTUBE.
  • GYM USAGE: will be exclusively at Pine Street Elementary since this gym can drop nets and has availability.
  • REGULAR SEASON INFORMATION- Beginning the week of January 31st, two teams will play at 5:30pm or 6:40pm with a 25 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game (four six minute quarters). There will be no weekend games this year. 
  • We will offer 6-7 weekly practice/game nights per team in regular season, and may give two nights per week occasionally to finish the season in a timely fashion and not run ourselves into spring sports.
  • Athlete should wear the team t-shirt to every game night. (Team t-shirt not necessary for pre-season practices in the first two weeks).
  • Athletes should bring their own basketball and water bottle- both with their names written on. If you do not have a basketball, one will be provided to you to borrow while at practice.
  • Program emphasizes learning the game and having fun with equal playtime on the courts with no medals or awards given. Recreational sports are chosen in an effort to develop knowledge about the sport, and a love for the game.


  • Parents must review the “Health Screening Checklist” and the “Parent Procedures for Season” for instructions this year regarding COVID19 requirements. (Located under “Parent Resources for Season” section below.) 
Due to COVID19, to try and keep exposure to a minimum, we are changing the following procedures:
  • GAMES ARE OPEN to parents and spectators as long as they social distance by staying 6 feet apart, 6 feet away from the court, and facemasks are optional for everyone.

Games will follow practice after the first two weeks of preseason to avoid large Saturday game gatherings at the school.

Reminders for season:

  • Game schedule is now available from your coach. Please see your coach for updates on season due to COVID19 we expect there to be several season adjustments.  We appreciate your patience.
  • SCHEDULE TIMEFRAME: Schedules do not come out until after registration closes and all papers are received in order to leave no child behind and the opportunity to be on a team that fits their schedule of days available noted on registration forms. Also, games will be scheduled as quickly as possible in order to accommodate coaches managing multiple teams, and players with schedule changes. Again, in an effort to leave no child behind for the opportunity to participate in recreational sports. Each season is different due to this and we appreciate your patience.
  • If school is cancelled due to weather for the entire day or an early dismissal there will be no PARPC practices. If school has a 1 or 2 hour delay but finish a full day of school you will have practice unless you hear otherwise from your coach.
  • Uniforms will be distributed in late January by your coach and must be worn to every game after pre-season practices conclude.
  • R&K Sub Sale Form– Delivery is January 19th from 3-5pm at the PARPC office at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra and order forms are due and checks made out to PARPC by January 5th. R&K Sub Order Form
  • There are several scholarships available for children of veterans and economically disadvantaged (half off registration fee). This is partially funded by the Redners receipts we receive by the community.

We encourage the use of active.com with a link from our website below.  You can also mail your downloaded registration form to 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra PA 17078 or use the tan outdoor drop box in front of the Palmyra Municipal Building.

Registration Information:

  • Registration closes after November 18th as we compile registration forms into late fall and group together athletes to create teams based on player and coach availability, age, as well as skill level to keep the teams as even as possible.  Each season is different due to this and we appreciate your patience to work together to not leave any child behind so all can participate in practices and games that fit their schedule. 
  • NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED AFTER NOVEMBER 18TH. Register early as there is limited availability this season!

How to Register: TBA in September

Register online for a small fee (no sibling discount available)


Download a form to drop by (drop box available 24/7) or mail to our office at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra PA

Parent resources for season:

Coach resources for season: