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It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of sadness that after consulting with the NRPA, PRPS, ACA, CDC, WHO web-sites and after discussing this matter with Superintendent Kepler as well as our insurance carrier, we have no choice but to cancel our Summer Day Camp, this year.  As a result, we do not believe we will be able to create an enjoyable environment for your child and cannot guarantee their health, wellbeing or safety. With this in mind, we cannot allow our Summer Day Camp to take place, this year.

Since we are cancelling the PARPC Summer Day Camp, all monies paid to date including the family registration fee and transportation fees will be reimbursed to you within the next few weeks but no later than June 15th.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing your children at next summer’s day camp.




**Campers download a registration & parent handbook here.**

Summer Camp Registration Form K 1 2 3 4 Grades

Summer Camp Registration Form 5 6 7 8 Grades


Summer Camp Parent Handbook 2020


You will need to download the registration form and then send in your payment for  Family Registration $65.00  &  Transportation $45.00  per child 

Please make sure you read the PARENT Handbook filled with important camp information! 

Copies are also available at our PARPC office information rack.


Feel free to use the tan drop box outside of the Palmyra Municipal Building for any registration forms and fees, available 24/7.


CAMP COUNSELOR SUMMER JOBS AVAILABLE- Counselors ages 18 and older are needed.  Applications are available under “About us” on our website.

If there is one experience that’s sure to build memories, It’s PARPC’s 2020 Summer Camp!

By connecting to the interests of our campers, by providing an environment that’s nurturing, supportive and inclusive, and by making fun [and safety] the goal of every activity, PARPC offers children in completed grades K thru 8th a special place that makes it all happen and then some.

Campers participate in a whole host of age appropriate happenings such as sports, games, crafts and learning activities that boost self-esteem, inspire self-expression, facilitate friendships and build a sense of community.

Summer Camp is an integral part of the Palmyra Area Recreation and Parks Commission. In fact, it’s one of the many jewels in our programming, a status that speaks to the staff we choose for their ability to be nurturing, positive role models for our campers. And our caring doesn’t stop with the kids. We engage parents, keeping them up to date on camp fun thru our on-site message board, weekly newsletters and photos.

PARPC Summer Camp provides children with fun memories and friendships that last a lifetime. It’s the reason so many of our campers come back year after year.  Join us!

Dates: Monday through Friday, June 8th  thru August 14, 2020.  Total of 10 weeks and the last week of August 10-14th is optional.  (Nine week commitment of June 8 through August 7th.)

Location: Lingle Elementary

Hours: 6:30 am to 6:00 pm: You or your designated person must sign in child in and out daily. Photo ID may need to be shown until staff becomes familiar with parents / children. Please explain this procedure to designated pick-up people.

  • 6:30 am to 6 pm: It is highly recommended that your child be dropped off by 9:00 am as this begins the structured, organized portion of the camp day.
  • If you drop off after 9 am you will be required to take your camper to the appropriate age group location.  Call the camp phone at 343-4049 regarding drop-off time change so you know where your child needs to be dropped off.
  • If you are picking up before 3:00 pm, you will need to go to the location of the group by calling the camp phone 343-4049 to discuss a pick up time change and pick up location with the proper age group.
  • Absence: If your child is scheduled to be at camp and will not be attending due to illness or other reasons, please call the camp phone, 343-4049, (not PARPC office) to inform camp staff.

For complete information about the PARPC Summer Day Camps, please download the Parent Handbook or contact the office at 717-838-9244 if you have further questions.  Registration forms are above.





Join PHS Tennis Coach and USPTA certified professional instructor Matt Opilo


DUE TO COVID-19 SPRING TENNIS IS CANCELLED.  Refunds will be posted within the end of April.  Please consider joining us for Summer Tennis Clinics- dates TBA

Monday April 20th, Friday April 24th, Monday April 27th, Friday May 1st, Monday May 4th,



Boys and girls age 5-10 years old in the Palmyra, PA and surrounding community are welcomed to join Join PHS Girls Tennis Coach and USTPA certified professional instructor Matt Opilo for five one hour sessions.  Raquets and balls provided, but you may bring your own.


Ages 5-7  time is 6-7pm
Ages 8-10 time is 7:10 to 8:10pm


Where: PINE STREET Elementary School Gym (gym doors to the left side of the school when facing from Pine Street to the front of the Pine Street Elementary school,  and there is a small parking lot available).

Who can participate: U-10 (ages 5 – 10) boys and girls

– We provide racquets, balls & courts sized to fit the U-10 (ages 5 – 10)

Fee: $65 per person, $60 siblings,  ($75 non PASD)

***Registration is closed after Thursday, April 16th***

Payment to PARPC at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra, PA 17078-  or put in the tan drop box in front of the Palmyra Municipal Building at the same address anytime, with the form below OR sign up online a with the link below (small processing fee with


2020 Tennis CLINIC Spring Registration Form

Join PHS Girl’s Assistant High School Tennis Coach and member of the Lebanon Valley Community Tennis Association- Mark Seaton

Coed Ages 4-13 years

Location: Outdoor Palmyra High School Tennis Courts

Fee: $40 per person ($50.00 nonPASD)

Time: 6:30 – 7:30 P. M.

Sundays and Tuesdays (five sessions) – September 13, 15, 22, 27, & 29

You are encouraged to bring your own tennis racquet, but if you do not have one, it will be provided to you.

Please wear sneakers, bring your own water bottle with your name on it, and please practice social distancing by wearing a mask until practice gets started and stay 6 feet apart.

Parents can park by the tennis courts or in the High School parking lot and walk over to drop off their child. 



  • We request no spectators, but if you must stay please practice social distancing and wear a mask and no more than one spectator per athlete, please.
  • Health questionnaire (will be emailed to you after registration also attached below for your review)  is required to be submitted before every practice via email.  (no symptoms to practice such as fever, cough, chills, etc)
  • Sanitize hands before and after every practice
  • Promote healthy hygiene such as cover your cough with your elbow, avoid high fives, fist bumps, and no spitting.
  • Bring your own racquet if you have one
  • If your athlete or immediate family member contracts COVID19 please alert coach and the PARPC office immediately so we can alert others who have been exposed (no names mentioned, all in privacy)  Please refer to your health care professional for instructions for quarantine and returning back to sports.
  • MASKS- ALL athletes and coaches should wear a mask in the parking lot entering and exiting practice sessions.  Athletes do not wear a mask during practices.  All spectators if you must stay are required to wear a mask at all times.


***Registration is closed after September 11th **


2020 Coed Tennis Clinic Fall Registration Form


Health Screening Checklist to be emailed before each session:

COVID-19 Health Screening CHECKLIST-PARPC- Fall Tennis



You can register online with the link at the bottom of this web page or download the form above sent with payment to PARPC at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra, PA or use the tan drop box in front of the building which is available all hours.

*Please note if you register online, there is no $5 sibling discount available.