2022- 2023 PARPC Boys and Girls Basketball Program:

1st-8th Grade



  • PRESEASON INFORMATION: Players will participate in four 60 minute pre-season practices starting the week of December 5th for two weeks.  Coach will contact you by November 15th with the schedule for practices, and please take note all coaches do not email their players on the same day. However, if you do not hear from a coach by November 15th please double check your SPAM email, then email hhershey@palmyrarec.org
  • COACHES: Mandatory Coaches meeting November 7th at 5:30pm in the Palmyra Municipal Building Council Chambers at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra PA.
  • GYM USAGE: We will do our best to maintain the same school every week for your practices and games.  This will not necessarily be the school your child attends.
  • REGULAR SEASON INFORMATION- Beginning the week of January 2nd, you will have a practices and games separate days depending on court availability and athlete schedules. Time frames will vary. Practices and games will be about 50-60 minutes. We appreciate your flexibility if schedule changes need to be made.
  • 1&2 Grade Games and practices will be Monday through Friday with no weekend games. Please be sure to note on the registration form if your child has other commitments during the week that make your child unavailable.
  • 3rd-8th Grade GamesBOYS at Lingle Elementary- will be on Saturdays starting with 6-8 grade games in the morning then moving to 3-5 grade games. GIRLS at Pine Street Elementary during the week and possibly some Saturday mornings. Be sure to note days your athlete is UNAVAILABLE on the registration form.
  • We will offer seven to eight games per team for all age groups.
  • Athlete should wear the team t-shirt to every game. Team shirts are not required at practices.
  • Athletes should bring their own basketball and water bottle- both with their names written on. If you do not have a basketball, one will be provided to you to borrow while at practice. Basketball sizes are 27.5 for all first and second graders and 28.5 for all third through eighth graders.
  • Program emphasizes learning the game and having fun with equal playtime on the courts with no medals or awards given. Youth recreational sports are chosen in an effort to develop skills and a love for the game, so children learn a healthy lifestyle.

Assessment Nights at Lingle Elementary: Your athlete must be registered in order to participate in assessment night, which is conducted in order to evenly place players for the best game experience for our athletes. (Lingle Elementary gym is located on the left side of the school at the glass doors and parking lot when entering from the front, off of Lingle Road).


         BOYS GRADE 3, 4 , & 5:                  GIRLS GRADE 3, 4, & 5:

Friday, October 21st  6-7pm                        Friday, October 21st  7-8pm

Monday, October 24th  7-8pm                         Monday, October 24th  6-7pm

     BOYS GRADE 6, 7 & 8:                                     GIRLS GRADE 6, 7 & 8:

Tuesday, October 25th 6-7pm                       Tuesday, October 25th 7-8pm

Wednesday, October 26th  7-8pm                      Wednesday, October 26th   6-7pm

Reminders for season:

  • Game schedule will be available the week of November 28th. 
  • SCHEDULE TIMEFRAME: Practice schedules do not come out until after registration closes and all papers are received in order to leave no child behind and the opportunity to be on a team that fits their schedule of days available noted on registration forms. Also, games will be scheduled by that date in order to accommodate coaches managing multiple teams, and players with schedule changes. Again, in an effort to leave no child behind for the opportunity to participate in recreational sports. We thank you for your patience.
  • CANCELLATIONS: If school is cancelled due to weather for the entire day or an early dismissal there will be no PARPC practices. If school has a 1 or 2 hour delay but finish a full day of school you will have practice unless you hear otherwise from your coach. GAMES: Referees/PARPC make the call on cancellations of games and will contact coaches who will contact their athletes.
  • R&K sub sale– Order forms are due on January 23rd with delivery on February 7th from 2:45pm to 5:30pm. Funds are used to purchase new basketballs for this program. Form to download: R&K Sub Order Form 2023
  • There are several scholarships available for children of veterans and economically disadvantaged (half off registration fee). This is partially funded by the Redners receipts we receive by the community.

*Please note if you register online, there is no $5 sibling discount available.

Registration Information:

  • PLEASE REGISTER BY OCTOBER 20th to avoid the $20 late fee! Registration closes after October 25th as we compile registration forms into late fall and group together athletes to create teams based on player and coach availability, age, as well as skill level to keep the teams as even as possible.  Each season is different due to this, and we appreciate your patience as we work together to not leave any child behind so all can participate in practices and games that fit their schedule. 
  • We request players choose between PARPC Recreational Basketball and their school team and do not play both.
  • NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED AFTER OCTOBER 25TH. No exceptions. Register early as there is limited availability this season!

How to Register:

We encourage the use of active.com with a link from our website below.  You can also mail your downloaded registration form to 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra PA 17078 or use the tan outdoor drop box in front of the Palmyra Borough Municipal Building available anytime 24/7.

Register online for a small fee (no sibling discount available)


Download a form to drop by (drop box available 24/7) or mail to our office at 325 South Railroad Street, Palmyra PA


Anyone who has COVID19 or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 including players, family members, coaches, staff and spectators should follow CDC and PASD school guidelines.  Be on the lookout for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, or shortness of breath.  Call your doctor if you think you or a family member is sick.  Please follow CDC guidelines to return back to sports from home isolation found at What to Do If You Whttps://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/your-health/if-you-were-exposed.htmlere Exposed to COVID-19 | CDC

Parent resources for season:

Coach resources for season: